Braces for Children

Your child's first orthodontic visit is recommended by age seven.  By age seven, your child’s mouth has grown enough to know how it will develop as the permanent teeth start to emerge. Your paediatric dentist is the dental specialist trained to identify bite issues at an early age and assess the right time to start the orthodontic treatment. 


The benefits of early intervention treatments include:

  • Resolve crowding issue by guiding the growth of the jaw before permanent teeth emerge.

  • Harmful habits such as thumb sucking or tongue pushing can be controlled before they cause problems. 

  • Bite problems such as open bite, cross bite or deep bite can be treated early.

  • Early braces can prevent flared upper front teeth from being damaged easily.

  • The ability to improve your child’s appearance and increase self-esteem and confidence.

  • Preventing more invasive dental and/or surgical correction in the future.



Your child may not need an orthodontic treatment right now.  Monitoring/treating the issues early will help your child have the smile the he or she deserves.