We are here to help during this time of crisis

We are all doing social distancing to get over this crisis faster.  Life still goes on and sometimes there are issues that are not an emergency but you cannot solve the problem on your own.  You can always reach us and we will try to help you with any of the questions you may have.   

The first thing that we are going to ask you to do is to take a picture of the mouth of your child where there seems to be a problem.  With a good clear picture, our dentist will assess the problem and will give you a call. The dentist may inform you what you can do or may call the pharmacy to prescribe a medication to help.  

In case of emergency, you can always call our office (both locations) and press "8" during the announcement to reach our dentist's mobile number.  We will do our best to make ourselves available to reach during this time.


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