Behaviour Management Technique

Behaviour Management Technique

If your child is willing to help and is motivated to have the procedure done, behaviour management may be the only technique that he/she will need to have the dental procedure done. There are many behaviour management techniques that can be used.

• Tell-Show-Do method: detailed verbal and visual explanation

• Ask-Tell-Ask method: inquire about how patient feels about the planned procedure

• Voice control management: Firm verbal instructions

• Non-verbal communication

• Positive reinforcement and descriptive praise

• Distraction

• Memory restructuring: negative memories are restructured into positive memories.

• Parental presence/absence

The advantage of using only behaviour management techniques are

•No medication other than local anesthetic is needed

•Child will remember the experience and will be able to tolerate other dental procedure in the future

Not every child will be able to tolerate dental procedures with behaviour management techniques only.